Applying styles to ToolTip.(Change the default style of ToolTip)

The default style of ToolTip is really dull,so we can change this by defining our own style.

This we can do by using inline or external styles, and use the properties in this to manupulate the styles.The below example shows a simple style applyed in External.

ToolTip {
backgroundColor: #000000;
color: #ffffff;
fontFamily: Arial Black;
fontSize: 12;
fontWeight: normal;

Now save the file as tooltip.css and include it in the flex app using the tag <style>

or define it in the <style> tag in the flex app itself. Now ur ToolTip styles are ready.

Explore with many more properties in ToolTip using the ToolTipmanager Class.


5 Responses to Applying styles to ToolTip.(Change the default style of ToolTip)

  1. Al says:

    How do you apply different styles if you have multiple tooltips within application.

    Like, 1 tooltip will be red, another tooltip will be green, etc.

    How to declare this style function?

    Please help

  2. kumargandhi says:

    You can do this by CustomToolTip Component and there’s a post in my blog on it take a look, its pretyy simple. or can leave a comment will make one for you.


  3. ajay kumar says:

    Hi Kuamr,
    can you please tell me that how can i set the custom background image for tooltip contro. i am changing but i have some logical proble i think.

    Thanks in advance

    • kumargandhi says:

      Hi Ajay,

      There’s post on creating a Custom ToolTip Component , there i have created a ToolTip With a Panel, so in Panel we can add images, so like this we can archive this. Or can you paste your code sample i can go through.


  4. Vitalik says:

    Hi i want to change toolTip style like borderThickness or border color in run time for concret tooltip… but there are some problem all border and background dissapear when i in toolTipShown event try to apply those styles… can you help me

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