Usable methods of DateField Class.

There are predefined methods for the Class DateField and they are very usefull when writing ur ActionScript.

For instance u want to know the day of the date you have mentioned in the date, this can be achevied by using the method getDate().For example the date is 28/12/2007 as below def.

private var date1=new Date();
date1=new Date(2007,11,28);

Now u want to know the day of that date variable date1.use the following line of code.

var d1=date1.getDate();

Now the variable d1 contains the day of the date variable date1.

similarly we can use the methods getMonth(),getYear(),getHours()[if u mention it in the date def],getMinutes() [if u mention it in the date def]….like that there are many methods i will come back with them later for instance have the following code.

private var date1=new Date();
private var date2=new Date();
private function init():void
date1=new Date(2007,11,28);
date2=new Date(2007,12,10);
private function show():void
var d1=date1.getDate();
var d2=date2.getDate();” “+((30-d1)+(d2)),”SUM”);
}//similar for getmonth ,getyear, gethoures……..

<mx:Button label=”Button” click=”show()”/>

Here on click of button it alerts  the number of days in the given date range.

Similar code can be generated for other methods.


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