“Beta Expired Error” :problem solved [ pictures ]

As i mentioned in the previous post we have to change the SDK’s and to do this download it from Adobe labs and paste it in the Adobe->Flex Builder->sdks-> folder the default name of the folder is enough to include, no need to change the folder names.

Now open your flex builder and open any project ,right click on the project select properties then you would get a screen like the below.


Select flex compiler and at the right hand you would fine “configure flex sdks“[marked in red] select it to include sdks.

Then the screen would be like the below.

add the sdks

Here click the add button[red marked] to add the sdks ..


Click browse button [red mark] to include those sdks which were pasted in flex builder -> sdks folder and they are include and after that check it and include those and they are included and error is expired.

Final screen to check the sdks..

error expired!

click apply[bottom red marke] button after checking up [red markd] including those new sdka.

Thats all the the problem is solved “The Error is finally expired” . And no need to install again Flex Builder.

Leave any comments for queries.


4 Responses to “Beta Expired Error” :problem solved [ pictures ]

  1. kumargandhi says:

    thanks for sharing the info, i didn’t know it and the FLEX world will know now.


  2. lazykate says:

    I can’t see any pictures here (they’re 404’s) – could you describe it in text please?

    • kumargandhi says:


      It seems some problem with the wordpress, i will try to get a new set of pictures but for now do this, before opening the Flex Builder change the system date to some old date [may be a month old date] and then run the Flex Builder , now you can see the Error is vanished, after that you can reset to original date.Hope this will help you.


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