Cookies and Sessions in Flex.

My previous post tells about creating SharedObjects for simple cookies using the method getLocal(), but for something similar to that sessions we have to use the getRemote() method.
The syntax is similar to that of getLocal() method, for creating file,and adding name and values for it.

They are passed in between the client and server for access.Similar functionality as that of
the Sessions as normal.

But there is one limitaton in using this method getRemote(),that they can only be interacted
with Adobe Flash Media Server.


6 Responses to Cookies and Sessions in Flex.

  1. manilka says:

    Hello Kumar,
    Im designing a program using Adobe Flex. Coldfusion is used to do the connection and ms-sql server is my database.
    In my program I need to do session tracking (user login time, log-out time and user activities). If you can give me coding help to do tracking, it will be great…
    Thank you..

    • kumargandhi says:


      I am not in to coldfusion, but from flex side for cookies we use Local Shared Objects and for sessions we can use the Remote Shared Objects , but Remote Shared Objects can be used only with the Flash media server.You can do something like this , go for Local Shared Objects , and note the intime and outtime in the SharedObject file and write in to the DB on logout and again on login read the new values[current values] like this we can go for this.comment me for queries.


  2. manilka says:

    Actually im new to flex. so i dont get much, u say. is it possible for you to send me a sample coding, if you have any.

  3. Ivan says:


    I am using mx:RemoteObject to communicate with grails(java) server under tomcat. Cookies on tomcat are disabled. So as I understood I should attach jsessionid to amf response header. I googled a long time but did not find any examples.

    Can you help me please?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  4. tom says:


    I think you can try different, more traditional approach. Check this out: Flex and Cookies.


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