Error Messages are Tracable From Flash Error Window !

The Errors in the Flex Page,[mxml] are Tracable, this means that the errors occurring  in the  flex page  can be found easily, the error message in the Flash Error Window contains the Line number with it, so the error at particular line can be traced out and with this the error’s are easily solvable.

This is know to many flex developers around the Globe but why writing this Post, the reason is that the people i am working with doesn’t know this thing and they are wasting their time with imaginary errors, the errors [runtime] are not coming from outer space or they are not UFOs around the monito, they are caused by misunderstanding of the definitions in the Language , everyone does it but correcting them and preventing them happening again is IMP.

The below Image contains the line numbers of the Flex page errors marked with RED.

Flash Error Window.

Enjoy Flexing .


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