Logical thinking!

I came to know the meaning of the word logical few years back but it is the word that should be thought when you start learning words, I mean at the point you start with words.

What is really logical? And what logic means? . If Thomas Alva Edison doesn’t know what is logical thinking then he couldn’t have made a bulb and can you imagine our world without it. That is the power of the word logical.


What is really logical?

A problem with two sides is logical and if problem takes a solution the its true logic otherwise its false logic. We need to make a solution so that our logic is true in order to make the logic true we need to figure out the solution with proper logic. Here proper logic means thinking in the right sense and this thinking start with right sense when we really analyze the problem and the steps in achieving it.

What logic means?

If(problem!=solution) then logic is false

Else if(problem==solution) then logic is true

Else logic is null

The above statements tell the logic in terms of problem and solution.

This can also be made as “Find a way to find the solution or Think till you find the right solution”

If the first way doesn’t lead you to the solution then find another logic to find the way or think to find the way for the logic.

This can also be made like this “think till you find the logic is true” , true logic which always lead you to the solution.


logic always resonates with TRUE and FALSE, existence and nonexistence of the solution.

Enjoy the post ! 🙂


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