Conditional Operator.

The syntax in Flex for conditional operator is same as that of the other technologies like c,java,.., for newbies the syntax is here.




Condition?true satement:false statement.

It is nothing but a if.. else.. block in one single line.

Example in Flex:

Private function conopeExample():void




<mx:TextInput id=”txtname” />

<mx:Button id=”btn” click=” conopeExample” />

The conditional operator is so simple that we programmers ignore that , or not interested in that. But it’s so simple that a good programmer will use to reduce the lines of code in the Application. Finally it’s synonym of our if .. else .. statements.

Enjoy the Post.


2 Responses to Conditional Operator.

  1. Ram says:

    HI Kumar..

    This is Ram…I am a flex Developer..U r doing an excellent job.. I have read ur post abt conditions.. I would like to write strong conditions and i wanna develop my coding knowledge too. I am expecting suggestions from U…
    Thanks & Regards

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