Degrafa :: They are the Best.

October 22, 2008

degrafa :: Declarative Graphics Framework For Flex.

Lately i have been exploring this framework and let me tell you they are amazing , its soooooo simple to skin your components with these frameworks and the result is awesome. The main point here to note is “its very easy and simple to use this Framework”.[ Off course this was their main aim ]

check out their website you will find more information about them.When i said its simple that means it supports MXML Tags and easy means they are understandable[simple terms for Tag names,Class names, and property names,naming was very clear]

And check this demo Application i have done. Here i have skinned a TitleWindow and Buttons.

Isn’t that beautifull. :-D.

And Finally Degrafa :: They are the Best.


What is Mate ?

October 19, 2008

This is what it says in their site about this ::

Mate is a tag-based, event-driven Flex framework.

Flex applications are event-driven. Mate framework has been created to make it easy to handle the events your Flex application creates. Mate allows you to define who is handling those events, whether data needs to be retrieved from the server, or other events need to be triggered.

In addition, Mate provides a mechanism for dependency injection to make it easy for the different parts of your application to get the data and objects they need.

Now that’s a simple and clear description about the Mate Framework, explore the website to know more.

I have been exploring it and not yet included them in my live projects [have to learn more about them to do so].And the documentation is pretty simple and clear.The description about the Mate purely tells that it follows  MVC Patterns.

Worth to give a try. 🙂

Different “backgroundColor” for ToolTip’s in Flex.

October 7, 2008

Few days back one of the reader commented whether there is a way to change the “backgroundColor” of the ToolTips for different Controls dynamically in Flex. And my answer was “yes” and solution is here in this post.

What we got to do to achieve this ??

First we got to know about the Class StyleManager.

Basic information About the Class.

The StyleManager class lets you access class selectors and type selectors in ActionScript. It also lets you apply inheritable and noninheritable properties globally. Using the StyleManager, you can define new CSS style declarations and apply them to controls in your Flex applications.

[ These lines are from the HELP in Flex builder as they are the BEST, for any further information refer HELP from Flex Builder.  🙂 ]

Then Setting Styles with the StyleManager.

To set a value using the StyleManager, use the following syntax:


setStyle(“property“, value);

Example ::

For Example here i want the backgroundColor of the ToolTip to change dynamically. So the line of code would be like below.



This can be called at any point where you would prefer to change , for example i can call this line on rollOver of a Button or a Control.[ Just keep in mind that this will reflect all the Visible controls in the App so care should be taken to reset the defaults when necessary ]

Now Enjoy this Demo here.

Comments are welcome. 🙂 , Enjoy the Post.