Comparing Dates in Flex.

They are many versions out there to do this, but my version is here. It’s pretty simple, clean and easy.

Check the code Example below::

var strDate1:String=”01/04/2008″;
var strDate2:String=”31/03/2009″;
var strMyDate:String=”10/12/2008″;
&& DateField.stringToDate(strMyDate,’DD/MM/YYYY’)<=DateField.stringToDate(strDate2,’DD/MM/YYYY’))
trace(“Date is in Financial Year Range”);
trace(“Date is not in Financial Year Range”);

Here iam using the DateField Class and its methods.

Enjoy the Post.


One Response to Comparing Dates in Flex.

  1. sreeja says:

    a direct solution.Thanks alot!

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