birdeye ???

Adobe Charts for Flex has a good set of Components from which we can make attractive pictorial representations of Data.
But let me tell they dont satify the very good needs of the funtional requirements like we have.Like if i want to draw a Graph in Flex using the Adobe Charts for Flex then i would end up like “can i do that ??”,since i dont have much time on R&D i googled and found one interesting kit called birdeye.

What is birdeye?
open source information visualization and visual analytics library for Adobe Flex.
[For more info…]

They have few cool kits.I used one of the kit[Relational Analysis] and made a Graph according to the need in to my live project.Thanks to the team behind birdeye.

Run Demo

Its the Binomial Tree Distribution which represents the Option Pricing[Finance concept].

Enjoy the post.


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