why so serious?

August 21, 2009

For all those programmers and developers who are all seriously coding and can’t find time to listen to or tell a joke, here’s a video of your kind.I did laugh out loud.

Technology:open source media framework[link]

source : http://dougmccune.com/blog/2009/08/15/hitler-goes-to-cfunited/


Custom Component: Indicator Label for download

August 19, 2009

As you all know that i made a custom component called Indicator Label from this post.Now its time for me to release the component, so follow this link and fill out the form and then i will send you the component through mail.I need this information only to keep track of my downloads, nothing less and nothing more.

Enjoy the component.

Adobe devsummit, i was there too.

August 10, 2009


On 4th Aug 09 i attended the Adobe devsummit at Bangalore.This was my first experience with huge crowd of Flex users.Few years back this wasn’t the situvation.If i recall,,,..if i ask someone “there’s Flex Meet you wanna go” then the  reply would be like “Flex??,what’s Flex?”. But a lot has changed now, Adobe Flex is clearly visible everywhere on the internet.There were around 1200 people at the event.And the event was good.There were sessions on FX4,CF,FXB4,FC,…, it was good, you could actually get a good picture on these technologies.Flash Builder 4 was cool with good set of features,Flex sdk4 again with new shapes,and a new product called Adobe Catalyst, this is really amazing product from Adobe.Everything was cool and hot.

Then I met few Adobe people, it was great talking to them,i shared my thoughts on Flex and they were quite interested in listening to me too.:-).And guess what, the lunch was great too, and it was very uncomfortable for me to sit there after a great meal like that, but i managed somehow.:-)

I was very much interested on one particular session “Flash on Mobile”, and there was good insight given on this topic.And i know this will be big in the future.

There were employees from top IT major like Infosys,Wipro,cognizant… who attended the event.I even talked to an employee from Infosys, he says the company has just began showing interest on Adobe Flex and has recruted a team on Flex.And there were students also at the event interested in this domain and a great number attended the event.They were very energitic and they love this platform.

I was spotted and recognized by few people, and they all thanked me for this blog and the effort i make on the blog.Well folks i love sharing my knowledge.

Finally good going Adobe.Time will only answer your calls.Enjoy the post.

Close the browser window from Flex App.

August 7, 2009

Using two lines of javascript code we can actually close the Browser window.But not all the Browser’s support this feature[works on IE], they only give limit access through javascript.But as the question is made here is the solution.

function closeme()

this is the js code.So how you gonna make this function call from the Flex App?.Simple use ExternalInterface.

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