Using StageWebView as background for your app in Flex.

January 23, 2013

Basic thing about StageWebView class is that it is used to display html content in your app. To be more clear on that it is ‘rendered above all display list content’. Now having said that you cannot place/put other content like flex controls/components like a Button or List on above it.

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Load schema and access the loaded schema of database in SQLite, AIR.

December 21, 2012

As always lets do things in steps.

  1. Create necessary variables.
  2. Open connection to database file already created.
  3. Read schema from opened connection to database.

1. Create necessary variables

private var sqlConnection:SQLConnection;
private var dbFile:File;
private var sqlStatement:SQLStatement;

2. Open connection to database file already created

dbFile=new File();

sqlConnection = new SQLConnection();
sqlConnection.addEventListener(SQLEvent.OPEN, onDBOpened);
sqlConnection.addEventListener(SQLErrorEvent.ERROR, onDBError);;

3. Read schema from opened connection to database
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First and simple AIR App for Download.

September 21, 2008

Few months back i have made a post relating to my first simple AIR App. And the download to that AIR App is here.

Description About AIR App:

Its a window App with simple three controls. A Textinput , A Button and a Html Component. The TextInput takes the text to search and on press of search Button it seands the search text to the GooGle server and gets the result and displays it on the below Html component. The use of this is ??, you can figure it out as per the need.

finally DownLoad it here.

Enjoy my first Simple AIR App. 🙂

NativeWindow Class in AIR.

March 13, 2008

AS i started learning AIR i will make posts in it and guess what found a class in AIR to minimize ,maximize and closing your Windows.

code example:

private var appWindow:NativeWindow;


similarly there are other methods in it “explore”  them. and iam doing that.

Enjoy the code.

A Simple AIR App by me.

March 13, 2008

I have done a simple AIR App which displays the search results for the entered text from google search engine.

It contains a text input which takes the search text and a Html control which displays the
search results in it.
Download it here and check it out and leave comments.

search screen.