Using StageWebView as background for your app in Flex.

January 23, 2013

Basic thing about¬†StageWebView class is that it is used to display html content in your app. To be more clear on that it is ‘rendered above all display list content’. Now having said that you cannot place/put other content like flex controls/components like a Button or List on above it.

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Interaction Mode in Flex

December 28, 2012

Interaction mode defines how you allow your app to interact with an app user. Interaction mode is again based on Theme you choose for your app, namely Halo, Spark, Modile. Default Interaction mode for Halo, Spark is mouse and for Mobile its touch.

But what if you want a different interaction mode rather than the default one, well its simple to change by using ‘interactionMode’ property and its usage is given below.

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