Tips on Spark List control and Spark DataGrid control

May 30, 2011

In Halo DataGrid control and Halo List control you would use the property scrollToIndex(index:int)  to specify to make the item at that index visible.But in Spark List control and Spark DataGrid control you should use different properties like below.

For Spark List


For Spark DataGrid (version 4.5)


and then there’s also setSelectedIndex(index:int); for Spark DataGrid

Enjoy the tip.


Display ToolTips for Combobox List items in Flex4

July 13, 2010

Few months back i made this post in Flex3, it was buggy and i figured later it may not be possible here with my logic.Then comes the Flex4, did anyone tell you Flex4 is awesome, yes it is.The same requirement where you want to show tooltips on comboBox List items on roolover can be achieved easily in Flex4.You may have to read about the new ItemRenderer Class and its architecture for better understanding the code and you can go figure your own requirement then.

Download code below.

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