“Beta Expired Error” :Problem solved

February 6, 2008

Today strangely my Flex Builder showed an Error “Beta Expire Error“, i was really puzzled for that and i could not run my App, then i said to myself  “what the F@#$K” and  i started to find a solution for that and finally found  by the member of the Flex_india_comm and he shared it in his blog and iam doing it in my blog.

So here is the solution for that:

First the Error tells Beta Expired which means that your SDK’s are expired, a timer in that is set so that it can be used only to that specified time and it cannot be Reset.And that means we cannot further use those SDK’s and change those SDK’s, so for that i downloaded the SDK’s 3 [previous SDK’s 2] from Adobe labs and i configured my project and added those new SDK’s to my projects, thats all  problem solved the Error Expired.

I will come back with screens for configuration 2mrow, until then take care.

Leave any comment for suggestion.