Flex is really Flexible !

February 25, 2008

There are so many features in Flex that even i didn’t know it for a long time.And when i discovered them i felt like “What the F*&K is this”!.[ Dont mind]

[This [my] views are based on the Flex 3: beta 3.]

My boss told me to install Flex 3 :beta3 and work on it and i did so , after installation i started moving around the different views  in Flex prespective, they are just amazing.

First thing i found there is the DataBase connectivity, i can create a JDBC connection  [others are also available] and access my DB,isn’t that cool, there are many features in it also.

I will make a described post on this later.

Next thing i found is the Flex Profiling : i was really amazed this time.The people who had made this are really genious ,i mean “ex”.

I will make a clear picture and post it here ,so that i can be usefull for other flex lovers.

And i think these are known by few Flex developers!.Just my opinion.

And what not, have to discover new things ,so what r u waiting for get Discovered!.