Packaging a native extension (Example batch file with all the options necessary to make one)

January 5, 2013

There has been a lot of questions and confusion on actually writing your batch file to compile/package your ANE file. Well i have decided to create a prototype of the batch file and share it here on my blog.

Your .bat file contents are as below.

set adt_directory=C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4.6sdks4.6.0bin
set root_directory=C:Projects
set library_directory=%root_directory%NativeExtLibrary
set native_directory=%root_directory%NativeExt
set signing_options=-storetype pkcs12 -keystore "C:Projectsp12key.p12" -tsa none
set dest_ANE=%root_directory%nativeExtPackagingANE.ane
set extension_XML=%library_directory%srcextension.xml
set library_SWC=%library_directory%binNativeExtLibrary.swc
set SWF_directory=%library_directory%binNativeExtLibrary
"%adt_directory%"/adt -package %signing_options% -target ane "%dest_ANE%" "%extension_XML%" -swc "%library_SWC%" -platform Android-ARM -C "%SWF_directory%" library.swf -C "%native_directory%" NativeExt.jar

Below explaining the variables in your bat file.

root_directory – root folder of your flex projects.
library_directory – location of your Native extension wrapper Flex library project.
native_directory – location of your native extension project(for Android-ARM it will be android project location).
signing_options – signed certificate for your extension and its options (-tsa none option to discard timestamp).
dest_ANE – location to create your ane file.
extension_XML – location of Native extension wrapper Flex library project extension descriptor file.
library_SWC – location of your Native extension wrapper Flex library project compilation file.
SWF_directory – location of your library.swf file.
Android-ARM – packaging ane for Android

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